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Karl Walsh

Writer and Director

Born in Lancashire of Irish descent,  Signed by Tony Wilson to Factory Records in Manchester. Karl toured the  world in various bands, spent time in Brittany France writing.  Formed To Hell With Burgundy, The Visitors and The Happy Future and started a record label Earliest Records. Founded Bee Movies in 2018.

Since then Karl and the team have written and produced 5 award winning short films and have several feature scripts in development. Non of it makes any sense of course it's All Crazy Random.

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Tom Bladen Kay

Director of Photography

    Tom is a talented and fastidious Camera Operator. He has been responsible for several short films both as a writer/director and DP. His willing collaboration with the wider team has made it possible to shoot ACR on a budget in the North West of England without too many tears!


    Lucinda Potter

    Sound Recordist

    Lucinda Potter is a Sound Engineer, Audio Technician and all-round fan of the creative arts and industry.

    She has been working professionally on set, on location and in venues and studios for 10 years and loves it just as much now as she ever has. 

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    Pauline Walsh


    Born and raised in Manchester Pauline Walsh has had a varied career. From singing in Manchester bands to fitness coach and a very dedicated career as a Pilates Teacher.
    Meeting and marrying Karl has brought a close connection for collaboration and a combined love of film and performance has culminated in a great working relationship.

    Having been involved with all of the Bee Movies short films as actor and assistant producer (Support shoulder to lean or cry on) the partnership has lead to the current feature film. Happy to be part of a creative team that has worked tirelessly to create this fine artistic endeavour.

    Pauline _1.151.1.jpg

    Tim Evans

    Race Director

    Tim was125 gearbox karting champion in 1995

    and an England team driver in 1998/99. Drove in the

    Caterham 7 racing championship 1999 and Kit Car championships 2000/2004 before moving on to the Classic Touring Car championship 2004/2009 &

    various saloon car series from 2010 onwards. Tim is a 

    Race instructor of 20 years experience and a Race team owner, launching new for 2021 the City Car Cup race series!  Being part of 'All Crazy Random' has been great experience and  I think the Aston looks Awesome!

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